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What is Connect to Support Hampshire?

Connect to Support Hampshire is a website for adults in Hampshire. Its aim is to help you stay independent and to manage your own care.  You can find local groups, activities and services within your community as well as formal care services.
Public Consulting Group (UK) Ltd own and manage this website on behalf of Hampshire County Council. You can download the app version from Google Play or the Apple store )
There may be some services provided for Hampshire residents who live in neighbouring counties. Use these links to find information and advice about care and support in these areas:
Bournemouth          Poole            Dorset        Wiltshire          Surrey          Isle of Wight

Why is there no search box for the whole website/app?

Our information pages, and all 3 directories, work on different search criteria. So one search box will not give the most accurate and relevant search results across the whole site. The search bars works by 'matching' text. This can be useful when you are looking in the Information & Advice section or if you already know the name of a service in the Community Directory. You will find the most accurate search results in the directories if you select categories

Where do I look for the right help?

Information Finder tool 
If you are unsure what help and advice you need or where to look, you can use our Information Finder tool.  Click on the sections you would like help with and tick the box against the topics you would like to know more about. The results page links to relevant information on this website as well as other websites . You can email these links to yourself from the results page to keep as a handy reference.
N.B If you follow the link above to the Information Finder tool whilst in our App, you will be taken to the Connect to Support website and leave the App. This tool will soon be available within the App.
Information and advice
There is a wealth of practical information and advice on this site.
We do our best to keep this information up to date. We welcome any comments from you about information which is out of date or which you think would be useful. Click on the ‘Feedback’ button.
Community Directory - groups, activities and services
There are hundreds of local groups, activities and services in our Community Directory. These types of groups could help you to remain independent and a part of your community. We also list national charities and helplines.
Care options
If you are looking for personal or nursing care at home, you can search for Home care agencies. These are sometimes called domiciliary care agencies.
If you are looking for a care home or nursing home in your area, you can search the Care homes directory.
All care homes and agencies providing personal or nursing care must be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We suggest that you read the latest registration information and reports on the CQC website. There will be a link to these in all the search results.

What is the best way to search the Community Directory?

If you are viewing the website, access the Community Directory by clicking on the button on the main navigation bar:


If you are using our app, access the Community Directory by clicking on the Directory tab on the navigation bar at the bottom of your phone screen:

  • Using the ‘I live in’ and ‘I am looking for’ boxes to select a location and a category

The most relevant search results will be returned by selecting your location and a category. Local groups and services are shown in the ‘Local’ tab, national charities and helplines are shown in the ‘National’ tab.  

‘Local’ listings will not necessarily be physically located in your area but, if shown, their services will be accessible to residents in your area. If a national organisation is shown in the ‘Local’ tab, it will have local branches or support services which you can access.

When you click on the ‘Choose a category’ box, the main categories will be displayed. Click on one of these (eg ‘Specific needs’) and a list of sub-categories will come up. When you click on one of these (eg ‘Dementia’), results will be shown for every listing we have in that sub-category.

The directory can show results for more than one location at a time but only for one category at a time. So, you can search for ‘ Lunch clubs’ in ‘ Fareham’ and ‘ Gosport’. But you can not search for ‘ Lunch clubs’ and ‘ Social groups’ in ‘ Fareham’ – you would need to select the Location and search for Lunch clubs and then for Social groups.

  • Using the search bar

We find that the most accurate and relevant search results will be returned by selecting a category. However, you can also use the search bar to find information in the Community Directory. Hover over  'Search' on the right of the blue band and click to bring this up.

  • The search bar can be useful if:

    • You are looking for help for something very specific. You can type in key words such as ‘arthritis’, ‘diabetes’ etc
    • You are looking for fixed-location services (eg community centres or churches) which are based very locally to you. You can type in the name of your town or village and, if we have listings in this area, they will be shown.

    It is always best if you just put a key word in the search bar. This is because the search will look for all words which you have entered. So, ‘arthritis’ will find all listings where we have that word. If you searched for ‘help for someone who has arthritis in his hands’, the search attempts to find all listings including all these words.

I have searched for a specific group or activity in the Community Directory but cannot find it

Many smaller groups come under the 'umbrella' of another listing. For example, the organisation responsible for the group or the venue where it takes place. This website is intended for Hampshire residents who are unaware of local support and services which are available and would generally not be searching for specific activities or groups by name.  Try searching under a suitable 'category' in the Community Directory.

Example: If you cannot find a "Singing for the Brain" group, go to the Community Directory and click on 'Choose a category'. Select 'Specific needs' and then 'Dementia'. You can then filter to the area in which you live.  If you click on the listing for the Alzheimer's Society, you will see a link to their directory of services where you will find local Singing for the Brain groups.

Some local groups and activities are also based in Church halls, community centres etc. We have described which activities take place at these venues in the listing description (and they will be tagged with appropriate categories) so they will be found in searches. For example, a search for 'Memory cafe' will bring up the venues where these are held. 

If you believe that a local group or service cannot be found via a main listing, please use the blue feedback button at the bottom of this page to give us details.

Why aren’t ALL the local Good Neighbours groups / Brendoncare clubs etc listed in the Community Directory?

We do not duplicate information in our directory if it is held and maintained elsewhere. We aim to signpost to the source of the information to ensure that users will always find the most up to date and accurate information. So, instead of creating over 120 separate entries in our directory for each local good neighbour group, we have one listing for the 'Good Neighbours Network'. This links to their ‘Find a group’ page where users can easily find their local group.

Why are national charities based in London listed in the local listings?

We created two separate tabs for search results – ‘Local’ and ‘National’. This is because users told us they wanted to see local groups and services before National charities and helplines etc. However, some national charities are umbrella organisations for local groups and branches and details of these can be found via their website. Where this is the case, this listing will appear in the ‘Local’ tab and there will always be a link to the relevant page on their website to search for local support. 

Why can’t I do a search by postcode?

You can search by postcode for care homes. This type of search works in the care homes directory because all of the homes are at a fixed location. We have, therefore, been able to provide co-ordinates for each home so that a radius search by postcode is possible.

In the community directory and home care directory, many service providers cover different areas. Their own addresses are at locations which may not reflect the areas they cover. For example, a user in Andover searching for services close to their own postcode would not bring up countywide services such as Age Concern Hampshire. They may, therefore, miss important services which are available to them.

If you are looking for very local services at fixed locations (eg community centres, church halls etc) in a particular area, you can put the place name in the search bar. For example, 'Chandlers Ford' or 'Romsey'. We would advise against using this to search for services such as befriending, dementia help etc for the reasons above.

I searched by area and the search results brought up organisations that were not located in that area

When you select one of the locations as a filter, the listings shown will be groups and activities which are accessible to residents living in that area. They are not necessarily services physically based in that area. 

Why can’t I find a local business?

Our community directory aims to bring together in one place all relevant listings for local groups, activities and services which can help and support your independence and well-being.

Of course, there are many retail businesses and organisations which may also be helpful.  But these can easily be found using existing and online business directories.

If you are looking for local businesses - from plumbers, electricians and gardeners to counselling, legal services and taxis - which have been vetted and approved by Trading Standards, you can search the Buy with Confidence Directory.

For other useful services, (eg mobile hairdressers), you can search Yell.com, the online version of Yellow Pages. 

Yell.com can also be useful to find venues near to you. You may want to find one, for example, that serves or delivers food or that provides social activities or groups, such as nearby pubs. You can search by postcode and the results will show how far from your postcode each venue is. For example, pubs near PO16 8QY.  Listings will often show what activities and facilities are available. For example, when there is a pub quiz night. and if the venue is wheelchair accessible.

What is the ‘My favourites’ button 

N.B. This feature is not yet available in our app but will be available in the improved version 2 which will be available shortly.

When you are searching in any of the directories, you will see 'Add to favourites' as an option for individual listings on the search results page. Hover over this and click for any listings you want to save to a shortlist. You will see 'Added' appear.  When you have finished adding your favourites, go to the 'My favourites' button at the top right of the screen to create a booklet. The individual listings will be compiled into a pdf booklet which you can print or email.


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