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How to change the text size in your browser

You can change the text size on Connect to Support Hampshire and most other websites very easily:

On a phone or tablet

The accessibility settings of your own device will allow you to change the basic text size for all websites that you visit. Look in your device settings for the correct options.

You can also tap or pinch/pull the screen to zoom in to any part of a Connect to Support Hampshire page.

On a desktop or laptop computer

Pressing Ctrl and the + (plus) key together increases the text size of your browser. You can keep pressing Ctrl and + multiple times to keep increasing the text size.

Ctrl and - (minus) keys reduce the text size.

Ctrl and 0 (zero) resets the text size back to your browser default.

How to use your browser

The help for your own browser will be the best place to learn about the tools and options your browser has.

In general, your browser will be made of the following basic tools:

The address bar tells you the unique location (or address) of the website and web page you are currently looking at.

This webpage might be displayed in your address bar a little bit like the image above.

You can type website addresses directly into this bar. Some web browsers will also let you type a search into the address bar to find other websites.

Search bar

Some web browsers might have a search bar next to the address bar, looking a bit like the image above. You can type things you are interested in finding, and a list of search results will then be displayed.

Some web browsers don't have a seperate search bar, instead you will type searches directly into the address bar.

Back and forward buttons

Your browser will have some arrow shaped buttons (often near the address bar, but on phones and tablets in different places).

These buttons let you move backward and forwards between pages you have already visited.

Close button

When you open pages (sometimes called "tabs"), your browser will display a button with a cross in it. This button lets you close the particular tab.

If you only have one tab open, then pressing this button will often close the browser.

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