Coronavirus resource page
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Coronavirus Resource Page

We have put together some useful links and information to assist older and vulnerable Hampshire residents during the current pandemic.
This page is being updated regularly.

Government information

    To keep you up to date, the UK Government has launched a Coronavirus Information Service on WhatsApp.

    NHS advice

      Please see the latest advice from the NHS regarding symptoms of Covid 19, what to do if you have symptoms and how to get a test.

      Who to contact for community help in Hampshire

      Hampshire County Council have launched a helpline for frail and vulnerable residents who are in urgent need of practical assistance. If you have a need which is not urgent, you can complete this form and the council will call you back.

      Portsmouth City Council helpline and advice

      Southampton City Council helpline and advice

      Need help from an NHS volunteer responder? If you are vulnerable or at risk, are currently not supported and need some help with shopping, a prescription collection or a friendly chat, you can request help from an NHS responder by calling 0808 196 3646.

      Councils of Voluntary Services (CVS) in Hampshire are leading in the co-ordination of the county's community volunteering response. You can contact them if you need support at this time. They are also actively seeking volunteers.

      District and Borough Councils

      You can also search for a local group on the national Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK website.

      Life after lockdown - regaining confidence

      During this extraordinary period, control and responsibility have sat with the government. We have had rules and regulations to follow.

      Now that lockdown measures are easing, responsibility is moving back to us.  For some people, having that control again can feel overwhelming, especially with so much information about how to keep ourselves safe in different circumstances.

      Remember that confidence comes from doing the same thing repeatedly. If you are feeling anxious, it’s worth working out what you feel unsure about. If it’s a trip to the supermarket, is it the time spent in the shop or the drive? Could you walk instead? Could you make your first trip a quick one just to have a look around without buying anything? Could a family member or friend meet you there and go in with you?

      Take small steps and think what would make each task achievable for you.

      The Mental Health Foundation and Anxiety UK both have some practical tips to help you with life after lockdown.

      FutureLearn has developed a free online course suitable for the general public which will help you with strategies and advice on how to deal with the anxiety and uncertainty of COVID-19, cope with its challenges and ultimately prepare for life after coronavirus. 

      You may also wish to display a 'Please give me space' badge when you go out to signal to others that you are asking for their consideration in maintaining their distance. You can download and print this to wear to display it on your mobile phone.

      Money worries

      Debt and financial hardship advice

      • If you’re experiencing financial difficulty as a result of reduced income due to Coronavirus, you can access information and support via:

              - Citizens Advice 
              - Citizens Advice local offices
              - National Debtline
              - Money Advice Service
              - Business Debtline - debt help for the self-employed and small businesses
      Christians Against Poverty - debt counselling for anyone, regardless of faith.
              - Central Government advice 
              - DWP Benefits information
              - DWP Benefits information in BSL


      Citizens Advice has information to help you if you are having housing problems during this time, including rent arrears, eviction, council tax and mortgage arrears.

      Food hardship

      Fuel hardship

      Mental health and debt

      • Money Savings Expert, supported by Mind, Rethink, CAPUK and others, have developed a guide - Mental Health and Debt - for people with mental health problems and those caring for them.

      Help with banking

        The major banks, as well as the Post Office, are developing ways to assist customers with their banking needs, managing money and accessing cash at this time.

        • You can now access your high street bank account to withdraw money and pay in cash or cheques at any Post Office. You may also be able to arrange for a friend to collect cash for you from a Post Office through their Payout Now or Fast PACE schemes. You will need to contact your bank to see if they are part of the schemes.
        • Lloyds - have online advice. If you are vulnerable and over 70, you can call a priority helpline 0800 056 0045. 
        • NatWest have online support and a telephone line for the over 70’s - 0800 051 4176.
        • RBS - have online support and a dedicated telephone line for over 70s and those in an extended period of self isolation - 0800 051 4177
        • Santander have online help. If you are a vulnerable customer with a unique situation and urgently need help, please call the dedicated helpline - 0800 015 6382.
        • Halifax are offering online support. If your enquiry is urgent and you are in a vulnerable situation, call 03457 20 30 40.
        • HSBC have online information. They request that you only telephone if it is urgent - 03457 404 404
        • TSB offer online services. They are requesting that customers only telephone if urgent - 03459 758 758.
        • Bank of Scotland offer online services. They are requesting that customers only call if urgent - 0345 721 3141.

        Help and advice for older people and those who are self-isolating

        Hampshire County Council have launched a helpline for frail and vulnerable residents who are in urgent need of practical assistance. If you have a need which is not urgent, you can complete this form and the council will call you back.

        Portsmouth City Council helpline and advice

        Southampton City Council helpline and advice

        Shopping / prescription collection:


          • If you are finding it difficult to prepare a hot meal for yourself, you could use a meals delivery service.

          • Many pubs, restaurants and other food outlets which are closed at this time are now offering food delivery services. Try calling your nearest one or checking their website or facebook page for details.

          Telephone befriending services:

          Many local groups and organisations are also now offering befriending and wellbeing telephone calls. See "Who to contact for help in Hampshire", above, for contact details of your local CVS who should be able to refer you to an appropriate service.

          Online chat forums:

          Staying well:

          Looking after your health is even more important during this current pandemic. If you have a health concern, do not be afraid to contact your GP or to call an ambulance in an emergency.

          At the same time, there are some simple things you can do to avoid preventable hospital admission. Exercising, eating well, staying hydrated and removing trip hazards around your home will help you to protect yourself and the NHS.

            Mental health and wellbeing

            There are also specialist services in some areas of the county:

            • Southampton adults experiencing a mental health crisis or emotional distress can text LIGHTHOUSE and their postcode to 07451 276010 between 4.30pm and 12.00am to access The Lighthouse service.
            • Havant’s Adults Safe Haven offers support in south eastern Hampshire. Call 07887 417255 Monday to Friday, 6.30pm-10.30pm and weekends/Bank Holidays 1.00pm-10.30pm.

            Looking after your body is important for your mental wellbeing:

              Carers (unpaid carers looking after someone)

              • See 'Who to contact for community help in Hampshire' if you or the person you are caring for are self-isolating and you need support.

              Learning disabilities and Autism

              Our Autism and Learning disabilities pages have information and advice as well as signposting to local and national support services.

              Long term health conditions

                Hampshire County Council have launched a helpline for frail and vulnerable residents who are in urgent need of practical assistance. 

                Information to help you self-manage at home:



                COPD/ Emphysema/ Bronchitis

                Cystic Fibrosis


                Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust 
                Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust 
                North East Hampshire and Farnham



                 Kidney Disease

                Liver disease

                Muscular Dystrophy

                   Neurological disease

                  Sickle Cell

                  Staying active

                  Apps library

                    Register for support if you have a medical condition that
                    makes you extremely vulnerable to coronavirus. 

                    Domestic abuse

                      Hampshire's Domestic Abuse Service is continuing to provide help to people experiencing domestic abuse via phone, email and online. The telephone helpline can be accessed on 03300 165 112 and will be staffed from 11.30am to 2.30pm Monday to Friday. A face to face support option is not available during this time but access to refuge, for those with urgent needs, will still be available 24/7.

                      The Government has issued guidance on domestic abuse: Coronavirus (COVID-19) and domestic abuse. This contains links to national helplines and resources.

                      Anyone in immediate danger is urged to call 999 and ask for the police, who are continuing to respond to emergency calls.

                      If speaking may put you in danger, call 999 from a mobile. 
                      If prompted, press 55 to Make Yourself Heard and this will transfer your call to the police. Pressing 55 only works on mobiles and does not allow police to track your location. 

                      Drugs and alcohol

                        If you need support at this time for issues relating to drugs or alcohol, information and advice along with links to services and support can be found on our Health and Wellbeing Advice page. 

                        Scams, false information and protecting adults at risk

                          • Some supermarkets have launched volunteer shopping cards which means that you do not have to hand over money. See information under 'Resources for older people and those who are self-isolating.
                            • Citizens Advice (CitA) has launched advice on coronavirus scams, including a scam checker.
                            • Please use trusted sources of information only. Full Fact, the independent fact-checking charity, has a fact check page on covid-19 with information on scams and fake news.


                                    Information and advice as well as links to local and national bereavement support services can be found on our bereavement information page.


                                    Utility companies and household emergencies

                                    Household emergencies:

                                    • Southern Water Emergency Line 0330 303 0368
                                    • South East Water Emergency Line 0333 000 0002
                                    • Portsmouth Water Emergency Line 023 9247 7999
                                    • Sembcorp Bournemouth Water Emergency Line 01202 590059
                                    • Gas emergencies 0800 111 999
                                    • Electricity– call Southern Electric for emergencies and power outages on 105
                                    • Electricity– call Consumer Direct for a local electrical contractor 03454 04 05 06


                                      • If you are an individual, or a group, who can offer community support, please contact local Council for Voluntary Service (CVS)(Hampshire), Southampton Voluntary Services or Portsmouth HIVE.
                                      • You can sign up to join NHS Volunteer Responders
                                      • Further information about volunteering during this pandemic can be found on the NCVO website.
                                      • If you are shopping for someone, think about safe ways to be paid - to protect you and the person you are shopping for. See information about volunteer shopping gift cards under 'Resources for older people and those who are self-isolating' above.

                                      If you are considering volunteering, please see advice from the Government on how to help safely.  CVS Community First has also published online resources to support residents and community groups to volunteer safely.

                                      Boredom busting resources if you are self-isolating

                                      You can download audio books and e books FOR FREE from Hampshire libraries. Hampshire libraries are also now offering a new Ready Reads: We Select, You Collect service as part of their phased re-opening.

                                      Project Gutenberg have created a free e-book library of 60,000 classic books.

                                      You can improve your skills by accessing free, high quality digital and numeracy courses via The Skills Toolkit.

                                      There are numerous free online events taking place - from concerts and comedy gigs to exercise and dance classes and even virtual pub nights where you can join in and chat. Use your search engine to find one which suits your interests or keep an eye on social media.

                                      Finally, we like this resource page of boredom busting resources to keep you entertained and educated!


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